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Tonino Verro can boast a distinguished career in his long and fruitful life, which has seen him play an important part in the Piedmont wine world.
Born in Roero, on the western banks of the River Tanaro, he more or less grew up among the vines, even though the enormous expansion of vineyard cultivation, much of which came about thanks to his efforts, really only dates from the 1980’s.
Verro and his wife, Claudia Francalanci (an excellent cook who has played a prominent role in this couple’s success), became famous not only for their passion and expertise in wines, but also for their hospitality, a fame that accompanies them even today.
It is easy to understand why: their love of wine is the driving force behind whatever they set their hands to.

The Cellar

Tonino Verro’s cellar work concentrates on a search for quality and he follows this commitment in every stage of the cultivation and processing of the wine in the cellar. All this is translated into totally organic wines, produced with a limited number of varieties of grape, though this is precisely what makes them so structured and special.
The producers have dedicated many of the wines to people dear to them, like their two children: Paciocchi (dedicated to Elisa, their elder daughter), and Scricciolo (dedicated to Alessandro, their second son), thus identifying them with their real love and dedication to wines.


The bedrooms, which transmit a romantic though slightly old-fashioned atmosphere, are all to be found in the old town centre of Neive.
Since 2001 this small but enchanting town has been declared one of the ten most beautiful towns in Italy and has been officially included among the World Heritage Sites since 2014. It is therefore an ideal starting point for discovering all the most characteristic beauty spots in Neive. The rooms are situated in various annexes in the ancient town and ensure a peaceful and quiet stay. They are easily reached and perfect for discovering the atmosphere of Piedmont. Eleven simple and evocative rooms are available, all furnished with period furniture. Each bedroom is equipped with a private bathroom, TV and minibar.


Wine has in fact carved out a central place in the life and interests of Tonino Verro who, in the last twenty years, has become a producer of interesting and excellent bottles in the Roero and Langhe areas. In short, his productive philosophy could be described as having always been without haste because he realises that wine, like all good things, needs time to grow and express itself.
Verro feels that wine is a culture and, as such, needs to be studied at all times and this explains why his care and attention has brought new prominence and prosperity to the Langhe.
The accommodation available in the beautifully furnished rooms only adds to the fascination of this farm.

The Roero area supplies the grapes for his Nebbiolo d’Alba Moncastello, the Roero Arneis and Roero wines, as well as the Mai Vist, a particularly fine Reserve.
The Barbaresco is obviously extremely important in the house range and not only has a regular bottling, but, more recently, has added three selections from this excellent cru: the fragrant and elegant Serragrilli, the powerful and structured Starderi, and the remarkable San Cristoforo.

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