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Every Italian region has its own structure of production and marketing, but Puglia’s stands out even in the country’s context of marked variation from place to place and area and area.
Small and medium-sized houses, though they exist and often produce the wines which have given Puglia’s wines the greatest luster, are of less significance in overall terms, and the regional production, in fact, is dominated by either important cooperative wineries or by large houses which farm many acres of vineyards, at times hundreds.
The Guarini family can boast a long and distinguished history in the province of Lecce.

Palazzo Ducale Carlo Guarini

The Azienda Agraria Duca Carlo Guarini is a wonderful example of wine tourism in a beautiful 18th century winery and offers the chance to purchase "quality products".
The farm is delighted to welcome groups of visitors, who can, if they like, stop for lunch or dinner and taste its wines after a tour of the cellars. Food is served in the farm’s enchanting dining areas, like the hospitable tasting rooms, enhanced by a warm fire in the fireplace in the winter or in the orange-scented garden under an ancient pergola in the summer.

Served on ceramic plates produced in the L’Ocra Terrecotte pottery belonging to Lucia Guarini, wife of Duke Giovanni, the delicious platters on the menu include home made pasta, fresh cheese from the estate’s farm, seasonal vegetables and delicious primitive pork, while everything is matched up with the finest wines from the farm’s range.
It is possible to buy all the farm products, from wine to extra virgin oil and preserves, directly from the Farm Shop.
Palazzo Ducale Guarini is situated in the heart of the Salento area and immersed in luxuriant late 19th century grounds full of exotic plants, palm and citrus trees. This beautiful 18th century mansion can offer its guests two bedrooms and two suites in the Garden outbuildings.
Everything about the lodgings is utterly delightful and fascinating, from the antique furniture to the beautifully made lamps. Simply furnished and decorated, all the bedrooms come complete with a private bathroom and every comfort.

The beautiful glazed terracotta inserts in the compacted floors, created by Lucia Guarini, are all different so as to give each room a name and a dominating colour: Stella (Star), Foglia (Leaf), Seme (Seed) and Luna (Moon).
The 14th century bedroom with its overhead rib vault is the oldest in the house and contains decorations dating from the 16th and 18th centuries; it is a perfect retreat for film and music lovers or simply as a place to warm up around the wood fire in the great mediaeval fireplace when it is cold.
In the summer guests can relax beside the swimming pool in the grounds, enjoy breakfast under the porch surrounded by citrus trees or cook on the barbecue.

Conte Carlo Guarini Wines

it's origins are elsewhere: the first ancestors arrived in Puglia with the Normans in around the year one thousand A.D. Given the important size of the property, viticulture is obviously only part of the story, covering approximately ten percent of the land.
The wine production is accompanied by that of extra virgin olive oil from the over twenty thousand olive trees on the property, plus a range of quality food products, made with its market garden produce, bearing the brand name of Le Masserie del Duca.
However wine is of central importance and based on the classic grapes of this part of Italy, thus the Negroamaro, Malvasia Nera, and Primitivo are well represented in the farm’s range of wines, though not to the total exclusion of other varieties: in fact thirty thousand bottles of Sauvignon Blanc are also produced, perhaps in a tribute to their French origins.
The range is completed by excellent wines like Malìa Malvasia Nera, the Boemond Primitivo, ‘900 Primitivo, the Negroamaro-based organic Nativo Rosso del Salento and the white Taersia, obtained from the vinification of the Negroamaro red grapes, and, best of all, the Primitivo Vigne Vecchie, with a structure that allows it to be aged in small barrels.

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