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Barolo has come a long way over the past half century; once a wine intended almost exclusively for a small number of domestic markets in Italy, the wine was little known or appreciated in foreign markets.
To the point that Andre Simon, the world’s number one gastronome at the time, could write in the 1950’s that “Bardolino” was a lesser type of Barolo, less desired or appreciated by true connoisseurs! Nowhere has change been so total and so satisfying as in this area to the south of the city of Alba.
In the immediate post-war years, tillers of the soil abandoned their small holdings and went to work in factories: those who had the intelligence to hold on to them are now, on paper, millionaires.

At Ivana and Valter’s

The holiday flats, which originally date back to the 19th century, are situated in the midst of the gentle hills of the Piedmont Langhe countryside, offering a perfect place to relax.
The building was originally divided into two floors with the stables and an area dedicated to agricultural implements on the ground floor; it has since been restored and transformed into four modern flats, though they retain their rural style and can answer every need.
Each flat bears a famous name to recall local but important historical figures or the wines that are produced in this fortunate part of the world: Contessa Berta, Colonnello Martina, Rosso and the inevitable Barolo.

They are furnished differently to match their names, but all with period furniture that blends, for example, with the wood once used to produce the wine barrels and the typical terracotta flooring. These flats boast an intimate and peaceful atmosphere that make guests immediately feel at home.
The building is only a short way away from the village of Monforte d’Alba and other delightful tourist attractions, like Barolo, Grinzane Cavour and Fontanafredda.

Holiday Flats

The holiday flats can accommodate from two to ten people; they all have a sunny balcony overlooking the farm’s vineyards, equipped with tables, chairs and a barbecue. Every flat has its own recently renovated kitchen that comes complete with all types of electrical appliance and glasses for tasting the wines produced on the nearby farm.


Among the beneficiaries of these revolutionary changes has been the Stroppiana family of La Morra, proud holders of close of close to fourteen acres of vineyard land. In the 1980’s, the Nebbiolo grapes of La Morra were not particularly sought after, and many a producer had to bargain fiercely with either middlemen or purchasers to obtain a reasonable price for their crop.
At the time, La Morra, whose fragrant and elegant Barolo is the exact opposite of the beefy, concentrated style in vogue a generation ago, was severely underrated as a zone.
But time, and a new desire for finesse, have done justice to the township and to the Stroppiana house, producers of classic Dolcetto d’Alba, Barbera d’Alba, and Langhe Nebbiolo.
And, of course, Barolo: the classic Leonardo, the firm and polished Bussia, and, the pridge of the cellar, the Barolo San Giacomo, aged under the careful eye of Dario Stroppiana who prefers to keep the secrets of the process entirely to himself.

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