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People travelling from Bologna to Padua and Venice pass through long stretches of flatland, but then, just before Padua, they can see the hills in the west that break up the monotony of the landscape with perfect volcanic cones.
The soils of the Euganean Hills, which are very unique volcanic formations from the geological point of view, have nothing in common with the surrounding areas of Veneto. Over the centuries this blend of lava and limestone has led to a thriving viticulture that offers distinctive wines with great personality.
The Ca’ Lustra farm belonging to Franco Zanovello at Cinto Euganeo stands out as one of the most important protagonists in the territory. The Ca’ Lustra vineyards, which extend over 25 hectares, are planted in a number of different soils, altitudes and directions and have been carefully studied and analysed to select the best varieties.
The Girapoggio vineyard at Arquà Petrarca, with its low-fertility soils and Mediterranean climate, was selected for the Cabernet Sauvignon and Carmenère grapes. The Sassonero vineyard lies in the hottest part of the Zanovello property and has been selected for the Merlot grapes. The Pedevenda vineyard, with its marl soils mixed with lava debris has been planted with an elegant Manzoni Bianco.

The Osteria Volante Tastings

Although the Ca’ Lustra farm is unable to offer any accommodation, it has made hospitality a watchword in its shop and winery. The welcoming and friendly owners are in fact always delighted to show their customers around the vineyards and cellars and allow them to taste the excellent wines that are produced here.
An open-air restaurant, “L’Osteria Volante”, is set up here in the fine season with serving benches, tables, chairs and sunshades for the guests.
The dishes on offer are both sweet and savoury, thus allows allowing plenty of scope for unusual and new delicacies, especially cheeses and dressed meats, which blend well with the house wines. The cheerful and friendly atmosphere that can be found here becomes a new way of sharing special moments with guests in the verdant nature of the beautiful hills of Padua.


The Belvedere vineyard, right in the middle of some woods, produces the aromatic Marzemino, while some varieties of white grapes, like Tocai, Garganega, Sauvignon and Pinot, flourish in the Faedo vineyard.
The breathtaking scenery of the Cengolina valley, with its narrow terraces cut into the rocky hills, the result of centuries of peasant farming, has been reserved for the fragrant Moscato Fior d’Arancio grape.
Many wines are produced here, but the selection of the best should certainly include: the Olivetani white blend; Sassonero, a large and robust Merlot; Girapoggio, the most structured Cabernet; Natìo, a powerful blend created by a long fermentation of Cabernet and Merlot grapes; and the luxurious, uniquely fragrant Fior d’Arancio Passito.

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