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Franciacorta is a zone which now competes very well indeed with other Italian zones with a longer tradition of the wine (the Oltrepò Pavese, Trento DOC) in which has specialized.
Franciacorta is an appellation whose work, a bit unexpectedly, is based on classic method sparkling wine, a category invented – and given a worldwide fame – much further to the north, in Champagne.
One of the secrets of the extremely rapid success for the wine and its houses is unquestionably the large amounts of capital available and the willingness of the producers to attempt a new adventure, moved as they were, unquestionably, by the conviction that the investments would have an interesting return, but perhaps even more by a love of the land and a passion for fine wine.

Villa Evelina Farm Holiday Accommodation

The Ricci Curbastro Farm Holiday Accommodation is situated inside an old restructured farmhouse opposite the Ricci Curbastro farm. It lies in a wonderful position, close to the farm’s vineyards in the borough of Capriolo, while also being a perfect starting point for visiting many cities of art, like Bergamo, Brescia, Cremona and Milan, or for enjoying various activities and outdoor sports, like canoeing, mountain biking and hiking. Golf courses, Lake Iseo, the Lake Iseo Torbiere or wetland nature park and many other places of interest, can all be found in the close vicinity. In the winter the many ski resorts in the Camonica Valley can easily be reached nearby. It is also possible to tour the beautiful farm cellars and taste the excellent wines produced here. All the holiday flats are situated in quiet and peaceful locations in the Lombard countryside so that guests can enjoy a really relaxing holiday.


The twelve holiday flats can accommodate from two to six people. They are all equipped with every comfort, with a fully functional kitchen, sitting room and private bathroom. Each flat is furnished in an original way and decorated to match the name it goes by.

Ricci Curbastro Wines

One importantexception, however, are the Ricci Curbastri, a family which proudly states ties to the land dating back to the 13th century A.D. They are currently involved in agricultural projects in Tuscany and in Rontana di Brisighella, but their major efforts are devoted to their 26,5 ha of vineyards in Franciacorta. There, in underground cellars dominated by the lovely Villa Evelina, the estate’s grapes are crushed and and then go through the lengthy process – fermentation, a second fermentation in bottle, a long stay on the lees, dégorgement, and then a further period of bottle aging before release.
A full range of Franaciacorta wines is produced (not to speak of the still wines, among which the Curtefranca Bianco Vigna Bosco Alto and the Curtefranca Rosso Vigna Santella del Gröm are standout selections) under the careful supervision of winemakers Riccardo Ricci Curbastro and Annalisa Massetti. The series of special selections known as Museum Release is of particular interest, but the two most important wines – in their combination of quantity and quality – are the Extra Brut Millesimato and the Satèn Millesimato, ten and thirty thousand bottles, respectively.

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