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A century can be either a substantial stretch of time or merely an instant in the context of the growth and development of civilizations. The same is true of wine:there are estates which have been producing for centuries and there are others which succeed in achieving highly interesting results and a virtually instant fame. The Tommasi firm of Pedemonte in the Valpolicella Classico appellation is an important example of the first of these possibilities. Founded four generations ago in 1902, the cellar has grown continuously and, then, as a result of this constant commercial and critical success, has branched out into other parts of its home region and then to a variety of other areas in Italy.
The Valpolicella was obviously where it all started, and Tommasi is the proud proprietor of some 260 acres in this appellation, much of the more recent acquisitions in the most highly regarded parts of the production zone. But the Veneto, and in particularly the province of Verona (along with nearby Brescia) does not consist solely of Valpolicella red wine, and the house now operates as well in Soave, Custoza, Bardolino, Garda, and Lugana with an additional 225 acres of proprietary vineyards.
The Veneto clearly was too small to contain on its own the family’s ambitions, and it is no surprise that the past two decades have seen a powerful push into other parts of Italy: first the Tuscan Maremma, then the Oltrepò Pavese, and Puglia. And, with the most recent purchase of all, Tuscany’s most prestigious appellation of all, Montalcino.

Tommasi Holiday Accommodation

The unstoppable property expansion of the Tommasi family also includes a passionate love of hospitality that aims to ensure maximum comfort in all its three facilities scattered around Italy. Villa Quaranta, the family’s most prestigious hotel, is a magnificent 17th century villa situated between Lake Garda and Verona. The precious decorations used for its architecture show early traces of the Baroque style and this, together with the peace and quiet to be found here, ensures an intimate and pleasant atmosphere. The villa is surrounded by a typical Italian garden, where flowers, fountains and geometric forms create striking viewpoints. The villa also contains the renowned “Borgo Antico Restaurant”, which offers all the wonderful flavours of the Italian cuisine. Hotel guests can also keep fit and relax at the Spa of Valpolicella, which includes thermal swimming pools, saunas, a gym and a beauty centre. The villa is situated in a strategic position for long walks in the heart of the Valpolicella Classica area or for visiting the nearby cities of Verona, Trento, Mantua and Venice.
The other two holiday structures are in Tuscany and the Veneto region. Poggio Al Tufo, a farmhouse that has been simply but elegantly renovated in the heart of the Tuscan Maremma, boasts eight comfortable rooms and an outdoor pool overlooking the vineyards. Hotel Mazzanti instead can be found in the Veneto region, more precisely in the old city centre of Verona, and is ideal for people wanting to discover all the hidden corners of Verona. The hotel has 16 bedrooms, all furnished in a tasteful and simple way. Ristorante Caffè Dante, again property of the Tommasi family and one of Verona’s emblematic restaurants, is just a short way away from the hotel.


The Valpolicella is where it all started and here is where the family’s heart beats strongest, as demonstrated by the complete line of fine wines produced: Valpolicella Classico, Valpolicella Ripasso, Recioto. And, above all, Amarone Classico, offered in two versions: the Amarone Classico and an excellent Riserva, Ca’ Florian.

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