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Friuli, up until now, has not been a territory dominated by professional winemakers, consultants whose work takes them to the far corners of Italy (and even beyond), utilizing the expertise accumulated with many grape varieties and many different specific territories to assist producers to improve their wines.
Efforts which have led important results in many cases, but which obviously risk a certain standardization in the wines and, above all, substitute technique and professional knowledge for a close and scrupulous knowledge of the terrors* in which they operate, their soil, micro-climate, and grapes.

Renato Keber is a trained oenologist, and has also worked as staff winemaker at important houses in his native Friuli, but for over twenty five years he has dedicated his time and energies principally to his own winery, a family-owned operation which has by now belonged to the Kebers for four generations.

Zegla farm holiday accommodation

The Zegla farm holiday accommodation is situated in the heart of the farm’s vineyards, in the splendid hills in the area of Collio in Friuli Venezia Giulia.
The surrounding countryside is a very popular tourist destination and the farm offers its guests the use of mountain bikes and delightful Vespa scooters. Hospitality is one of the prime policies in this family-run farm holiday centre, which offers a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. Breakfasts are all home made with local products.
The cellars can be visited in order to taste the excellent wines of the house. Guests can either choose a bedroom alone or a holiday flat. The furnishings are simple but refined and chosen to respect the style of this part of Italy.
All the accommodation gives onto views of the farm vineyards and ensure a peaceful and relaxing holiday. This delightful farm holiday centre has received the highest number of Margherita points for its excellent comfort and service.


There are two bedrooms that can accommodate up to two people.
They are spacious and well lit with private bathrooms. The four holiday flats can accommodate from two to five people and are equipped with all amenities. A ground floor apartment is available for the disabled. The kitchens are modern and well organised.


The property is located in the northern part of the township of Cormons, one of the major centers for the production of fine white wine in all of northern Italy. Here we are close to the border with Slovenia and much of the local population is bi-lingual, equally at home with Italian and Slovenian.
Keber’s great-grandfather, Franc, came in fact from Vipulzano across the border, and the agriculture which he practiced, was a mixed one: fruit, grapes, and hay for the Austrian army and Ribolla Gialla for the Austrian court in Vienna.
The house line, as is the custom in Friuli, is a large and varied one, but among the wines which regularly stand out are the Chardonnay Riserva Grici, the the Friulano Zegla, both the Merlot Riserva and the Sauvignon Riserva Grici.
And, above all, the cask-aged blend of Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Ribolla, and Friulano, given a lengthy aging period before commercial release.
Only recently constructed, this beautiful and highly functional winery is built in a vertical position lying entirely underground; its eco compatibility criteria follows the same methods that have been used in the vineyard for many years, thus ensuring that the vinification and racking do not traumatize the end product.

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