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After many years of failed attempts since the revision of the laws controlling the Italian denominations in the 1990s, Barolo has finally given itself a set of official crus. Bureaucrats being what they are, a substantial number of cru were given the cumbersome and by no means easily comprehensible name of “supplementary geographical indications”.
Fortunately many bear the names of the famous vineyards that, for generations, have given the production zone its most renowned wines.
The overall total is 170 and the town of Serralunga d’Alba, where the most intense, powerful, and long-lived Barolo of all is produced, has almost forty on its very own.
A number worth mentioning, because it was here that Maurilio Palladino, a restaurant owner bitten by the wine bug, found the plot of vineyard land he was searching for. After purchasing the building where the present winery is housed - one of the oldest houses in the entire appellation - in 1974, he gradually began to personally occupy his time with the various aspects of a wine-producing property; not just the sales, marketing, and administration, tasks for which his previous professional experiences had thoroughly prepared him, but the vineyards and cellar as well.
It was clearly a very different way of life from running a restaurant.
The results were so invigorating and inspiring that the restaurant business became something of the past and wine a full-time occupation.
It is not difficult to see why, for the vineyard land he purchased included an incredible cru: the San Bernardo, the only Reserve produced by the house, and the line was completed by the addition of the Parafada from 2005 and the Ornato from 2009.
These three important offerings are flanked by the regular bottling, made exclusively from Serralunga d'Alba grapes, of a Barolo that can well be a formidable bottle in positive vintages and which has given the house its name.

Palladino Wines

The Palladino Wine Farm, situated in the centre of Serralunga d'Alba in the rolling hills that create this beautiful countryside, offers its guests the chance to visit its winery and taste the fine wines are still being produced here.
The winery is inside an old building in the centre of the town and reflects many years of commitment and passion. Inside the winery visitors can follow the various processes required to make the wine, all carried out in the traditional way but also making use of modern techniques.

The end result gives bottles that are a perfect blend of quality and innovation. Fermentation takes place in very slowly to ensure that the grapes give off all their power and aromas. The wine is usually aged in barrels of French or Slovenian oak.
The traditional techniques are again preferred during the bottling, in fact, only real cork is used to stopper them.
There is also a small but interesting museum underneath the winery containing many work tools that trace the wine history of the area. From 2017, guests wanting to make the most of what the estate can offer, can also stay in its new holiday flats to enjoy a peaceful and quiet holiday in this beautiful part of Italy.

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