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Montalcino is by no means the sole Italian appellation whose territory consists of one, and only one, township, but is unquestionably one of the largest: from the firs estates encountered coming from Buonconvento in the north all the way to the last estates at Sant’Angelo Scalo, virtually on the banks of the Ombrone river in the south which separates the two provinces of Siena and Grosseto, is easily a half hour trip in an automobile.
Up until now, there have been few, if any, proposals to sub-divide this very large swath of land into a series of individual zones, even if the differences in style and character of the wines could not be more obvious when tasting through a representative sample of the production of the various areas under vine.

Farm Holiday Accomodation

La Rasina Farm Holiday Accommodation is housed in an ancient restored farmhouse, surrounded by the farm’s olive trees and vineyards and set apart from the main farmhouse itself. It lies deep in the Tuscan countryside and, from its hillside position, gives onto a really beautiful view that brings moments of serenity and harmony. Other important features to be enjoyed when staying in this lovely spot include its friendly and simple hospitality.
Guests can also find a hot tub in the delightful garden where they can relax in the shade of the typical trees to be found in this area. The interior is divided into two floors: the ground floor includes the use of a well-equipped kitchen, a large terrace, where guests can cook on the barbeque, as well as a double bedroom and a bathroom. Three more bedrooms, each with their own bathroom, occupy the first floor.
The design of all these quiet, well lit, rooms is based mainly on materials like wood and terracotta in the typical Tuscan tradition, with simple but refined furnishings. The structure can host up to eight people.

La Rasina Wines

The first Brunello wines in fact were made almost exclusively from grapes grown from just to the south of Montalcino itself to Sant’Angelo in Colle, but the last 35 years have seen an enormous expansion of vineyard surface and the emergence of a whole series of prestigious new houses. Among these houses must be reckoned the La Rasina estate of the Mantengoli family, whose patriarch, Vasco Mantengoli, who bottled his first Brunello di Montalcino in 1988.

The area, often termed the eastern sector of the production zone, looks eastward and south-eastward towards Mount Amiata and enjoys, for this rather warm part of Tuscany, a fresher climate than the south-facing vineyards of Castelnuovo dell’Abate and Sant’Angelo.
The difference is markedly felt in the various wines now realized by Marco Mantengoli with the grapes of his 26 acres of vineyards: fragrance, polish, finesse, and breed are the words which easily come to mind in descriptions of his line and can be applied to the entire line: not merely the Brunello di Montalcino and Brunello di Montalcino Divasco but to the Rosso di Montalcino as well, regularly one of the very finest of all.

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