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Franciacorta is often described as an entirely new zone, where some of the best and most prestigious sparkling wines in Italy were created thanks to the farsightedness of some ambitious entrepreneurs who realised that the area could potentially produce high class wines with bubbles and then dedicated the proper enthusiasm and capital to the task.
One of these brilliant entrepreneurs, Alessandro Bianchi, deserves special mention as, after falling in love with the villa and village, he decided to buy the entire property, together with the roughly one hundred hectares surrounding the estate, in 1960.
The farm included a cellar that dated all the way back to the 16th century.
This has obviously been expanded and equipped to receive and transform the grapes of over 37 ha of vineyards into the wines that have made Villa Franciacorta a reference point among the houses in the area, a winery with a complete and varied range of all types of sparkling wine, combined with some really excellent red and white still wines.Bianchi prepared himself for his career as a wine producer in the most serious and professional way possible: by travelling to Champagne on a series of study trips to better understand the secrets of one of the world’s best loved and popular wines.
Franciacorta, needless to say, has an entirely different climate from the far more northerly French area, it is considerably warmer and also suitable for the production of fine Bordeaux-style red wines, while the viticulture here is substantially different.
From the first, the skilled winemaker Corrado Cugnasco, with the help of his technical manager, Ermes Vianelli, has followed the creation of the Franciacorta wines, taking care of every detail in the farm’s production.
For several years now Alessandro Bianchi, the founder of the farm, has also been assisted by his daughter Roberta and her husband Paolo Pizziol.

Villa Gradoni Farm Holiday Accommodation

This imposing farm holiday accommodation lies in an ancient medieval village that formed the first settlement of the town of Monticelli Brusati at the foot of the Gradoni hill; it has been carefully restored without disturbing its charm, ancient architecture or important history.
This respect can be felt in all the material used and in every corner of the village, where is truly captivating thanks to the many views that can be admired that offer a flavour of the past when walking through it. The farm holiday accommodation takes up the entire village, which is dedicated completely to hospitality. Guests can stay in the spacious flats, which all differ in design and furnishings in order to respect their original structure.
Guests have a choice of 21 flats and many services, which are situated in different parts of the village, though close together, such as the children’s play area, the swimming pools (one for adults and one for children), the restaurant and the barbecue area.
The farm vineyards that ensure the peace and quiet of this silent village stretch all around it. Lake Iseo, as well as many Italian cities like Mantua, Brescia, Bergamo, Milan, Verona and Venice can easily be reached from here. The farm also specialises in organising guided tours for cyclists and can rent out mountain bikes suitable for all ages.


The 21 flats are divided up as follows: 10 two-room flats, 10 three-room flats and a suite. Each flat has its own fully equipped kitchen and balcony or porch to enjoy the open air. They are also fully equipped with all amenities, including air conditioning, Satellite TV and Wi-Fi.


Open for lunch and dinner, the restaurant proposes traditional menus that vary according to the season.

Villa Franciacorta Wines

It is difficult to calculate which are the best in such an important range of wines, composed exclusively of vintages, but the Franciacorta Emozione has always been considered the farm’s business card.

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