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The Marches have been blessed with two outstanding grapes, Verdicchio for the white wines, Montepulciano for the reds, and these two varieties, logically and inevitably, are the basis for the majority of appellation-controlled wines: Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi and Verdicchio di Matelica, Rosso Cornero and Rosso Piceno.
These are the wines which are sought and acquired in national and international markets, and these are the wines which, with the care and commitment of the most able producers, express the maximum potential of the region and give it the maximum prestige.
But there is also a life beyond Verdicchio and Montepulciano in the Marches, as the work of the Marotti Campi family of Morro d’Alba regularly indicates.

Sant'Amico Country House

Originally a farmhouse, Vigna Sant’Amico Country House has recently been renovated in order to create seven completely independent flats. They have however retained their rustic style and are colourfully, simply and tastefully furnished.
Situated right in the midst of the Marche countryside, this structure is an ideal starting point for excursions to the art cities of Macerata, Ancona and Urbino or for guided tours of the caves of Frasassi, which are unique in the world. The flats are only a 20-minute car journey from the beautiful beaches of Senigallia.
All the guests have the use of their own private outside area, as well as a common area where it is possible to cook on the barbecue.
Giving onto a magnificent view, the swimming pool, complete with deckchairs and sun umbrellas, is situated in a separate area from the flats and perfect for cooling off.
The structure also boasts a tennis court. It is also possible to visit the farm cellars and taste the wines produced there.


Each flat can host from two to six people and they are all located between the ground and first floor of the farmhouse. They are all comfortably furnished with fully equipped kitchens.

Marotti Campi Wines

Viticulturists and successful ones, as the hilltop villa of the family demonstrates – since the mid-18th century, their 140 acres of vineyards do produce Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi (we are in the northern part of the region, predominantly a white wine area), but the house is also well known for its fine bottles of Lacrima di Morro d’Alba, made from an interesting and aromatic local grape variety of which the Marotti Campi are a major interpreter, both in their regular bottling and in the well made Superior version.
Verdicchio is by no means neglected, however, and is produced in a variety of versions: the classic Albiano, the Superiore Luzano, the Riserva Salmariano, and the dried-grape dessert wine, Onyr.
Giovanni Marotti Campi, who took over operations in 1991, firmly believes in his work, his house and its potential, his zone, and his grapes. And in this he is following a long family tradition: in the late 1800’s, the vineyards were already being planted very densely, with over 8000 vines per hectare.
A concept a century ahead of its time.

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Vigna Sant’Amico Country House
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