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The Tanaro river is a very significant river. It is the largest right-side tributary of the Po, in terms of length. Is significance, in viticultural terms, instead, as it forms the boundary line between the two major viticultural areas around the city of Alba.
On the right, or eastern, bank of the river, known as the Langhe, the calcareous and tufaceous soil provide an ideal terrain for the great Nebbiolo grape and for the world-famous wines which utilize it.
The western side is known as the Roero, and its sandy soils, although planted to vines as well, was principally a zone of fruit trees and vegetable gardens, famous for its strawberries, peaches, and apricots rather than for wine.
All this has changed drastically over the past thirty years, however, due principally to two different phenomenon. The first was the rediscovery of the Arneis grape and the interesting white wines it produces.
The second was the realization that the Barbera and Nebbiolo vineyards could give excellent wines as well, different from those of the Langhe. In the forefront of the new visibility for the Roero, and ever since the beginning, has been the Malvirà estate of Massimo and Roberto Damonte.
The property took its name from the fact that its north-facing courtyard was turned the wrong way (“malvirato”) in terms of local tradition.

Villa Tiboldi

The farm holiday accomodation is situated in the midst of the picturesque Roero hills and the vineyards of the Malvirà farm, right in the heart of Piedmont’s main wine growing area. Villa Tiboldi boasts an ancient history for the building dates back to 1700.
Many alterations have been carried out over the years, so that it even includes elements from the Liberty period and, after a careful restoration, which took four years, it was converted into an elegant and characteristic hotel.

Villa Tiboldi is composed of three buildings in all: the ancient gentleman’s residence, the barn and the Mezzadro or Sharecropper’s cottage. The large bedrooms, containing beautiful period furnishings, many in the Art Nouveau style, are situated mainly on the first and second floors of these buildings. Some bedrooms have balconies and they all have magnificent views of the hills and vineyards.

The Bedrooms

The bedrooms are composed of 10 suites, junior suites and double rooms. They are equipped with all amenities including a minibar, a satellite TV with DVD and CD players and a safe.


The Villa Tiboldi restaurant is situated in a large and elegant room inside the villa itself. The cuisine is based on seasonal products and offers a delicious platters created with exclusively high-quality raw materials.
It offers an intimate atmosphere and a friendly staff ready to meet every need of the guests. In the summer the restaurant service is in the garden around the villa. It is also open to the general public.


The brothers, who have come a long way since their initial efforts, now farms 90 acres of vineyards located in excellent positions in the appellation.
They have been always been firm believers in Arneis, offered in a variety of styles and interpretations, including one aged in oak.
And, though they are now also producers of Barolo, they were among the first to demonstrate the quality potential of the Nebbiolo of their home territory with a series of fine Roero Riserva offerings.

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