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The vine has accompanied mankind throughout its history, from ancient times to today. From the mythical stories of the Greeks to the scientific and technical texts of the Romans, wine has always represented one of the noblest products of the earth. When the Greeks landed on the southern coast of Italy in the 8th century, they helped to develop the culture of winemaking.

We are in Magna Græcia, between Sibari and Crotone, home of the Olympic champion Milo who was offered a cup of precious wine, the nectar of the gods, after his victory at the games, the highest award it was possible to win.
The seven Greco brothers (a destiny in the name) renew this thousand year old tradition at Cariati, in the heart of Magna Græcia.

Tasting sessions and Tours

In the heart of Calabria, this farm has made its authentic origins and flavours a way of life. This can now be appreciated by everyone, as it is now possible to visit the farm and taste its products, including its wines and its extra virgin olive oil, produced with passion and patience on the farm, both in memory of the past and with an eye towards a radiant future.
The farm is organic certified and uses avant-garde techniques and laboratories to obtain and celebrate the scents and genuine flavours that have always distinguished this beautiful area.
The techniques not simply follow modern teaching, but also those of the past, in total respect of the traditions and the grapes themselves, whose potential is left free to express itself in the time it needs, without any forcing. During the tasting session guests can enjoy the wines of the Azienda iGreco together with all the flavours of Calabria, making the tour truly unforgettable.


Undoubtedly the Tenuta iGreco is the small town’s most famous emblem, because this family property that has been cultivating olive groves and vines for generations, while its brand name has, in the last few years, established itself on the national and international scene, thanks to the quality and personality of its wines, the commitment of all the staff, plenty of hard work and a spectacular view of the sea below.

Thanks to the family itself and the advice of their wine consultant, Riccardo Cotarella, the farm exports important quantities of wine throughout the world: 180 thousand bottles of the red Catà and the Savù rosé made from Gaglioppo grapes, 60 thousand bottles of Filù, a Greco Bianco wine, and 30 thousand bottles of the Masino, made with the Calabrese or Nero di Calabria grape that, in the Strait of Messina area, has given rise to the Nero d'Avola denomination.
This is a farm that has faith in itself and has placed all its cards on the table by using the native varieties of the region, produced and presented in dozens of ways: sometimes cool and fruity, fermented and aged in stainless steel, at other times more structured and powerful, thanks to a lengthy aging in French oak barrels.
Wines that have found great recognition on the market and that we are sure the ancient Greeks would have greatly enjoyed.

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