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Conte Emo Capodilista The Italian countryside can boast a great many ancient families of great distinction, houses that have dominated their respective territories for centuries, at times, even longer, since the very Middle Ages and the Emo Capodilista family is part of this category.
The Capodilista family arrived in Italy in the train of Charlemagne, while the Emo line descends from a great Venetian family. Viticulture is in their blood, and they have made wine for centuries, principally, if not exclusively, at the Montecchia estate at Selvazzano Dentro.
However Montecchia remains the heart of the family operations, thanks as well to the lovely late 16th century villa designed and decorated by Dario Varotari, a pupil of the great Paolo Veronese, whose work deserves to be known.
The 75 acres of vineyards currently cultivated are located to the west of Padua and north of the famous thermal resort of Abano Terme in the heart of the Colli Euganei appellation and in Baone.

Colli Euganei Farm Holiday Accommodation

The Conte Emo Capodilista wine producing farm offers various forms of accommodation in different structures and can thus satisfy every need: it is in fact possible to stay in a B&B solution in the magnificent suite inside the ancient mediaeval castle, still the private residence of Count Giordano Emo Capodilista, or rent a flat, again in the castle, in the mediaeval village or else in 16th century Villa Emo Capodilista. The farm holiday accommodation is situated in a splendid and peaceful position among the Euganean Hills, only a few kilometres away from Padua.

The various lodgings and the castle stand at the foot of the La Montecchia hill. Although the furnishings vary according to the lodging, they are all refined, comfortable and, thanks to the careful restoration work that has tried to respect a glorious past, very suggestive.
Guests can enjoy numerous outdoor activities and taste the excellent wines or go on guided tours, accompanied by experts in art history, around the Villa.


The four small houses standing in the mediaeval village can host up to five people and are complete with all amenities. Each flat has its own reserved and equipped space in the garden. Holiday flat in the Castle The flat can sleep up to eight people and is complete with all amenities. It is divided into three floors and has its own reserved and equipped space in the garden
Furnished with period furniture, the suite can sleep up to two people.
The villa, situated in the middle of the vineyards at the top of the Montecchia hill, is occasionally available for exclusive holidays.

Conte Emo Capodilista Wines

Like much of Italy’s northeast, French influence was once very strong, and this is reflected in the grapes that, here and elsewhere, have been planted and are cultivated.
Pinot Bianco frequently provides a welcome alternative to the by now omnipresent Chardonnay, while Merlot and Cabernet, often of high quality, have been joined by Carmènere, a variety once widely present in the vineyards around Bordeaux, but by now something of a rarity; the recovery and improvement of the grape and its wines is a project dear to the heart of Giordano Emo Capodilista.
A local speciality, often a very valid competitor to the better known Moscato d’Asti of Piedmont, is the area’s Moscato Giallo, presented and much appreciated both as an aperitif and as a luscious dessert offering.

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