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Negrar is, by common consent, a choice spot for fine Valpolicella Classico, Amarone, and Recioto and, by equally common consent, the Mazzi family, residents in the township for many generations, are among the leading producers of the entire Valpolicella appellation.
The family story goes a long way back in time, all the way to Roberto Mazzi’s great-aunt, Angelina Dall’Ora, a woman from a family of millers, who decided that wine had a promising future than grains. A far-sighted woman, considering the period in which she worked: the late 19th century was not exactly a moment when female entrepreneurs were numerous.
Her nephew Gaetano Dall’Ora, studied at the University of Pisa and effected major changes in the estate.

Antica Corte

The Mazzi family has recently restored its old house in the country, transforming it into a rustic and elegant hotel in country chic style. The hotel stands in the midst of the vineyards and olive groves of the farm in the tranquillity of the Valpolicella countryside.
The garden can be used by all guests to enjoy the scenery, just stroll around or read a book in the shade of the gazebo or plants. A 17th century water mill, still in perfect working order, can be visited nearby.
It is also possible to visit the farm cellars and taste the fine wines. Accommodation is either in the guests bedrooms or in a holiday flat: each one is called after one of the wines produced on the farm and they are all furnished in personal and different ways, with all the windows overlooking the vineyards and offering incredible views.

Bedrooms & Restaurant

The two bedrooms on the first floor of the building can sleep up to three people and are equipped with all comforts, including a private bathroom, refrigerator, television and air conditioning.
Holiday flats
The two holiday flats, one on the ground floor, the coolest part of the house and therefore not requiring air conditioning, and the other on the first floor, contain with all possible amenities, including fully equipped kitchens. They are large and can accommodate up to three people.
Enthusiastically run by the Mazzi family itself, the restaurant offers dishes, ranging from risotto to game, that blend well with the farm’s wines. There is a wide range of matching wines and food and seasonable vegetables are always used.
The furnishings are simple and bring to mind characteristic old hostelries in the country. It is moreover situated inside the house and therefore the atmosphere is intimate and friendly. It is open in the months of July and August.

Mazzi Wines

One of the original founders of the large cooperative winery of Negrar, he is also reputed to have “invented” Amarone as a type of wine: finding in the cellars a cask which had fermented all of its residual sugar and consequently, rather than “sweet” like a Recioto, had become dry, he decided that it was “bitter”, or “amaro” in local parlance.
Several years later they began to bottle the wine as Recioto Amarone.
This is the important heritage which Roberto Mazzi has received; a student of agronomy himself, he made the major decision to ferment separately his various vineyard parcels, Calcarole, Castel, Poiega and Villa, and to bottle them separately as well.
This decision, along with the excellence of the wines, established the house as a leading force in the appellation, a reputation which has been consolidated with the arrival of consulting Paolo Caciorgna.
Working with Mazzi’s sons Stefano and Antonio, he has added a further refinement, a sweetness of aroma and flavor and a silkiness of texture, which make the wines textbook examples of what the Valpolicella can achieve.

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