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The Tuscan coast can boast of many important projects conceived and developed during the 1990’s and the new millennium in the wake of the success and international acclaim conquered by the first Bordeaux-style wines to appear in the area, thus demonstrating that the best grapes produce wines of outstanding quality and character, though boast a Mediterranean warmth that distinguishes them from the great red wines produced north of the Alps.
No project can be considered more daring and ambitious than that which inspired the foundation of the Petra estate. Fruit of the entrepreneurial talents and vision of Vittorio Moretti, who created ex novo and in an area previously little known for its wines in Franciacorta, the internationally acclaimed winery of Bellavista.

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The Petra winery is situated in a unique part of Tuscany, near Suvereto, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy to be found along the wine paths. The winery’s entire structure fully respects and fits in with the landscape by following the lines and colours of the hills and thus reveals a deep love of the land and vine growing.
It is possible to visit this farm winery, which is built on several levels and follows a route that ends up against a rocky wall, thus ideally leading into the mountainside and the heart of the earth. The wine tasting takes place in an elegant room that offers a welcoming and suggestive atmosphere.


He then decided to move his attention to the township of Suvereto, where a series of small houses demonstrated with their first releases that the Cornia river valley could produce wines that were easily competitive with the more famous zones just to the north.
“Think big”* was not a slogan that Moretti needed to be reminded of: his property in the Franciacorta area now covers 320 hectares, and Petra was planned to be anything but a boutique winery. The original planting in the 1990’s has now grown to some 235 acres.
The grapes are fermented and their wines then aged in a striking facility designed by internationally famous architect Mario Botta and the winery’s inauguration drew hordes of curious and admiring visitors.
The wines have grown in quality and complexity as well and the current efforts, now under the supervision of distinguished winemaker Beppe Caviola, are simply the finest to date. And not only demonstrate that the Val di Cornia can make fine Cabernet and Merlot, but impressive Sangiovese as well.

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