History of the winery

Terricciola has, for many generations, been one of the important centers of quality viticulture in the province of Pisa. In more recent years, there has been a substantial expansion of vineyards along the Pisan coast where, inspired by examples further to the south, international grape varieties, particularly Bordeaux’s Cabernet and Merlot have been planted. Terricciola, instead, is further inland, more towards the center of the province, and here the classic grape of the region, Sangiovese, is still king. And, when and where it is properly cultivated, fermented, and aged, it can give impressive results indeed.
One of the prime examples of this quality potential, fully realized over the past decade and a half, is the Fattoria Fibbiano, since the early 1990’s the property of the Cantoni family of Lodi, a place whose rich grasslands are famous for the milk, butter, and cheese they produce. But the Cantoni have had no difficulty in adapting to the drier, warmer climate and the less lush vegetation, of Tuscany, far more suitable for the olive and the vine.
Terricciola is still a certain distance from the coast, but it is far closer than Chianti Classico, Montalcino, and Montepulciano, and the balmy climate of the sea is perceptibly felt in the zone, where Sangiovese, in capable hands, has no trouble whatsoever in ripening.
Hands such as those of Nicola Cantoni who, after the initial assistance of consulting winemakers, is fully in charge of both the vineyards and cellar, where he supervises an extensive, and well made, line of wines. Principally red, but there is also the surprising Fonte delle Donne, a white wine produced from Vermentino and Colombana, the latter normally utilized in the province for dessert wines. Sangiovese is unquestionably a versatile variety, and here is offered in a number of different styles and approaches.
Starting with the well made entry level Chianti Superiore Casalini, and continuing with Le Pianette, where Colorino is added to the blend, and with L’Aspetto, where it is matched with Canaiolo. Best of all, however, is Ceppatella, pure Sangiovese and undisputably excellent.

Farm Holiday Accomodation

The Fibbiano farm also offers farm holiday accommodation. Guests can stay inside the comfortable and delightful flats created inside an old 18th century farmhouse. The restoration was carried out in complete respect of the Tuscan traditional architecture - with terracotta flooring and wooden beamed ceilings - and the landscape that the farm blends into perfectly.

In the last few years the farm has set its sights on environmental sustainability, so that the use of solar panels and a photovoltaic system have helped to made it self sufficient from the energetic point of view. In general the atmosphere is warm and intimate at the same time. The country style flats, each one with a different identity inspired by the name of a flower, can sleep up to 4 people.
The farm’s vineyards and olive trees stretch all around it, creating a truly unique landscape. The Farm organises tours and tasting in its famous cellars. Its guests can go for long walks, laze around and sunbathe beside the panoramic swimming pool available for their use or visit one of the many local beauty spots.

The position is ideal because it is right at the top of a sunny hill and close to many places of tourist or historical interest like Volterra, Siena, San Gimignano, Florence and the beautiful Tuscan coast. The hearty breakfast is served during the summer on a terrace overlooking the swimming pool and the vineyards or in a dining room reserved for guests. Theme dinners are organised on request on the terrace and are a chance to share in some very pleasant convivial moments.

Fattoria di Fibbiano Wines

The Cantoni brothers, Matteo and Nicola, had no difficulty in adapting themselves to the warm dry climate and started off with a specific form of cultivation that was limited to Tuscan varieties only, like Vermentino and Colombana grapes for the white wines and Sangiovese, Canaiolo, Colorino and Ciliegiolo grapes for the reds. The geographical position of the Pisan hills, which lie only a short distance from the coast, is influenced by the mild climate from the sea that allows an optimal ripening of the grapes.
After spending some time being coached by agronomists and oenologists, Nicola decided it was time he tested his skills in cultivating the vineyard and running the winery, together with the vinification and aging of the wines.
One of the main objectives from the start was that of producing wines using the typical Tuscan grapes alone. This led to a fine line of red wines, three with Sangiovese blended with other varieties and a Sangiovese in purity that has been recognized as excellent.
The white wine, a very unusual blend of Vermentino and Colombana, is also surprising.

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