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Business enterprise is of paramount importance in all fields of human endeavour, but viticulture is an activity unlike any other. One of the most important things to remember is that the production of quality wine is based, paradoxically, on the fact that it costs considerably more to produce less. However what distinguishes viticulture from other business activities is the time factor as it takes years for a new vineyard to produce grapes that boast a real concentration and complexity and the wine itself needs to be aged and kept in the cellars before it can be put on the market.

Farm Holiday Accomodation

Bossi Accommodation
Castello di Bossi offers various kinds of accommodation that can suit every need, with flats inside the Bellavista farmhouse, Casa Tolomei or Casa Bossi di Sopra, all of which lie within the Castle walls.
The farmhouse was converted from an old barn and contains eight flats that are furnished in a simple and rustic way and make guests immediately feel at home. Each flat has its own fully equipped outdoor area, ideal for dining outside or sunbathing in the summer, while there is also a swimming pool giving onto panoramic views of Siena in the garden.

Casa Tolomei and Casa Bossi di Sopra are two beautiful farmhouses in typical Tuscan architecture that contain respectively six and five attractively decorated flats, with terracotta flooring and stone walls. Both have well equipped outdoor areas and a pool.
Casa Tolomei stands outside the Castello di Bossi complex in a quiet and excellent position, surrounded by the green countryside. Guests can go on long walks or bicycle rides through the lush Tuscan countryside all around the Castle. It is also possible to visit the winery and watch the various processes required for making wine. A tasting session of the excellent wines is laid on in the suggestive setting of the ancient castle at the end of the tour. Castello di Bossi’s position makes it an ideal departure point for visiting nearby Siena or other famous cities of art like Florence, San Gimignano and Montepulciano.
There are also a great many hot springs and nature parks in the vicinity. Holiday flats The various flats can sleep from 2 to a maximum of 7 people. They are equipped with all amenities.


The certification and the official approval of the organic farming arrived in the late 1990’s, when Carlo also started renovating the mediaeval castle that sits high on top of the hill. Once a watchtower and defensive fortress belonging to the Republic of Siena, it is now part of the Small Luxury Hotel circuit. Carlo and his eldest son Brando, with the invaluable help of Maurizio, now bottle two really incredible wines: the Terre di Vico, a Sangiovese / Merlot, and the top wine of the line, and the Castello di Vicarello, an excellent Bordeaux blend that is intensely rich in expression.

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