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With close on three millennia of viticultural history behind it, Italian wine is a constant presence, an integral part of the history, culture, traditions, and landscape of the country.
Wine in Italy nowadays is no longer just an integral part of the daily diet or a source of calories and energy, but has become an object of choice and pleasure. And this has drastically changed the life of the production areas themselves, which no longer supply a liquid consumed largely and often exclusively on the spot, but rather produced for national and international markets, which demand quality, character and personality in the bottles that they choose to consume.
Nowhere is this change as apparent as in Franciacorta, the appellation situated between Brescia and Bergamo, once a source of sustenance for the hard-working people in the area and little known outside it: Lombardy’s historic wine-producing areas were the Oltrepò Pavese and the Valtellina.

Wine tours and tasting

The farm offers its guests the chance to visit their cellars and taste the precious wines still being produced. Tasting is an important moment and therefore guests must be able to enjoy the greatest comfort and relaxation in a room that creates an intimate and charming atmosphere.

This experience is not only centred around wine, but also allows the guests the pleasure of meeting each other and enjoying the rare and authentic flavours that these wines can offer in a peaceful and rustic atmosphere. Tasting the wines – in a continuous renewal of aromas, flavours and colours - also helps guests to understand what lies behind it, the production philosophy and the kind of approach that wine requires.


In the 1970’s, however, this began to change rapidly as the first and often distinguished bottles of classic method sparkling wines began to appear. One of the first to understand their significance was Vittorio Moretti, a dynamic and far-sighted entrepreneur who designed and carried out construction work at the height of the building boom. Moretti founded his Bellavista estate in 1977 and since then has never looked back.
The quality that he and his trusted wine maker-technical director, Mattia Vezzola, rapidly achieved, established standards of excellence that gave the wines an important name, first in Italy and then on a worldwide basis.
Numbers grew accordingly and Bellavista is, by now, an exemplary winery in a rare combination of quantity and quality: Francesca Moretti, winemaker and managing director, now runs the farm and her foresight has meant that Bellavista is now converting its vineyard assets to meet the most innovative biological techniques.

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Via Bellavista 5, 25030 Erbusco (BS) Tel: 030 776 2000 - Fax 030 7760386