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We are now living in the era of the third Maremma. The first, romantic and poetic, was that of a wild and savage area along the Tuscan coast. The second Maremma was that of the sea and the beaches, which transformed this part of the region into a paradise for vacationers. The third Maremma, that of the rise of a quality viticulture and gastronomy, which has served as a magnet for a new generation and new type of visitor, can only termed a grand surprise as it was totally unexpected; nothing of the sort had existed before.

Farm Holiday Accomodation

It is possible to choose three different types of accommodation for a holiday at the Montebelli farm; either in the farm holiday accommodation or inside the brand new Country House Hotel. Both are very welcoming and can satisfy every need. The two structures share the same services. The farm in fact offers use of the restaurant, bar, outdoor pool, tennis courts, riding stables, spa and bicycles.

The farm holiday accommodation, with its simple rustic furniture in typical Tuscan tradition, is ideal for people wanting to make the most of the countryside, in fact the structure is surrounded by a shady garden, where children can play or guests can just relax in the open air. There are 21 bedrooms in all, two of which are equipped for people with disabilities. The double bedroom come in basic, standard or comfort solutions and can accommodate from two to four people.

Country Hotel

The Country House Hotel is a 4* hotel that opened in 2009. Modern in style, it fits in perfectly with the surrounding countryside and this respect can also be clearly seen in the use of environmentally friendly materials for its construction, such as photovoltaic and solar panels.
The décor is also modern and complete with every comfort. The hotel includes a meeting room, a bar next to the meeting room, a reception hall, a reading room, with a fireplace, and a billiards room. There are 24 bedrooms in all, with two rooms equipped for people with disabilities. The types of rooms available are deluxe, for 2 to 3 people, or Suites for 2 to 4 people.

Montebelli Wines

Wine has always been produced in Tuscany, but rarely before along the coast, and while the genealogy of other areas at times goes all the way back to the Etruscans, nothing of the sort can be said of zones. Or of Monteregio, whose capital, Massa Marittima, is one of the few cities whose monuments and architecture suggest that the province of Grosseto also had some sort of past. And around and below, all the way to Grosseto to the south, a viticulture and oenology have developed, which demonstrate that here as well exciting, innovative, and, above all, high quality wines can indeed be made.

And among the leading estates which have made the most convincing offerings must surely be numbered Montebelli in Gavorrano where the Filotico - Tosi family, together with winemaker Claudio Gori, has, for well over a decade, presented a series of excellent and intriguing examples of what the area, at its best, can offer: a fragrant and elegant Vermentino - Viognier blend, a fine Sangiovese-based rosé, a wine, Acantòs, which joins the international (Syrah) to Sangiovese, i.e. to the tradition of Tuscany, and a top wine, the Fabula Riserva, which proves convincingly that here as well lovely Sangiovese is only a matter of conviction. And of talent.

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